Trädgård is a growbox prototype and a near future concept for growing vegetables very easy at home making healthy food with less environmental impact accessable for regular wage people. We wanted to find a solution of how people living in big cities, specialy in todays mega cities like for example Bangkok, could grow their own healthy food without the need of a garden or balcony. The growbox works with a hydroponic system without the need of a electric pump you only have to water the plants once till harvest - making it easy to use even with low knowledge of growing plants. This system we used is called BottleCrop and was developed by two german engineers. To reduce the cost for powering the plants we additionaly included a system called Plant-E. It produces electric energy with the process going on in the roots of the plants while growing.

Trädgård Small


Trädgård Medium


Seeds and Instructions

The seeds are stored in a completly recyclable bag made out of paper which layout is designed to use as less ink as possible. Each bag contains up to 5 seeds and the nutritions for the water of each plant. The informations on the bag are the name of the plant, the latin name, the size of the water boxes to use and the approximate grow time till harvest.



With the grid at the bottom of the Trädgård Medium drawer and the knobs at the bottom of the water boxes it's possible to have a flexible placement of the diffrent sized boxes and plants while the contact needed for the electric circuit is still in working order.


The "Does it really work?" Experiment