Rolling Stone

I started really early to play video games. I pretty much knew every single level of "Super Mario World" on the SNES inside out and I tried finishing "Zelda - A Link To The Past" more then once - even when it was just to hard to complete at that age. So it was just a matter of time that i wanted to make a video game by my own. One of my bigger brothers allready studied Mediadesign and introduced me with the Adobe programs really early. From there I stumbled over 3D Gamestudio which I felt in love with. I teached myself C-Light and Cinema 4D. After one year "Rolling Stone" was born. My brother Benedikt convienced myself to take part in a contest he just heard of - u19 Ars Electronica. Feel free to download and play alone or together - it's 2 player co-op.

Download Rolling Stone (Windows Only)