Fast Touch

During the Interface course at university we had to rethink and redesign the media system of a car. We developt a touch controlled solution to access the main features the driver needs while driving - fast, easy and most importantly blind without the need to take a look at the screen. We came up with a multi-touch system that recognizes the number of fingers to switch between the three main categories: Music / Climate / Navigation.

Each categorie settings can be controlled by the same gestures for similar functions. For Example: A two finger tap would pause and play music while a three finger tab would turn the climate system on and off. The prototype was made with Processing. Since there was no real working library for multi-touch gestures at that time for Processing I had to use the TUIO library as base and programm the recognition of the gestures by my own. To access the Macbook's build in touch pad for prototyping purposes I used Tongseng.